Sound Tea


Back in May, I headed to New York to attend The Shine, which is a bi-monthly alcohol-free variety show. There was raw vegan food, guided meditation, inspirational talks, live music, and hugs. It was a great time, but my favorite part of all might have been the nonalcoholic drinks. 

Sound Tea was the beverage that caught my eye. Two phrases grabbed my attention: Sparkling and sugar free. I generally take my iced tea sans sweetener, but there are few bottled options that aren’t loaded with sugar.

And fizz? In an ice tea? That was a new one on me. I had heard of people running plain, unsweetened tea through their soda stream, which, though against the manufacturer’s instructions, sounded very appealing. I was thrilled to learn Sound Tea is providing that exact thing—no rule breaking required. 

At the event, I sampled the chamomile flavor. It was very refreshing and pleasantly floral. There were others I really wanted to try—especially the yerba mate—but it was later in the evening and I didn’t want to have the caffeine. If I had it at home, I would have certainly mixed it with a little freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice and if I was feeling very motivated, a bit of ginger juice as well. 

Unfortunately, Sound Tea isn’t being sold in my own area—yet. There’s a field on the company’s website where you can let them know you want it and where you think would be the right store. Trust me, I filled it in to represent my interest here in South Philadelphia. I'll let you know about the other flavors when I can buy them closer to home. 


Ruth K